Tractor Fronts

Gensco Tractor Fronts

Much of Gensco's early business began helping farmers and ranchers in Texas combat mesquite and huisache thorns. Our 'no flats' aircraft to ag tires were developed first for tractor fronts and wagons. There are no better tires for flat resistance and weight carrying capacity.

Implement Tires

Gensco Implement Tires

Gensco 'No Flats' Aircraft tires for use on implements has become one of the most popular uses for our products. Newer and heavier implements need more than the light duty conventional ag tires that most manufacturers use. Gensco has the answer with a wide variety of heavy-load bearing, 'no-flat' tires for most height and weight requirements.

Mower Tires

Gensco Mower Tires

Gensco carries both the bolt-together and economical single piece aircraft tire assemblies.

WE KNOW MOWERS!! We were the first to introduce aircraft tires for mowing applications more than twenty years ago. We can supply any tire for any mower.

Wagons, Spreaders, Scrapers

Gensco Wagons, Scrapers & Spreaders

Gensco first sold aircraft tires for cotton field trailers in 1953. Over the next twenty years, aircraft tires became the standard on several types of spreaders, scrapers, grain carts, and wagons. Many farmers and ranchers tell us, after thirty plus years, about their equipment that have the original aircraft tires.

Wheels and Flaps

Gensco Wheels & Flaps

Gensco stocks thousands of new ag wheels for its various assemblies and customer needs.

Through various government, military, and private contracts, Gensco handles thousands of surplus wheels and axles.


Genseal Tire Sealant

Through a one-time application, GenSeal can help reduce your tire maintenance budget by extending your current tire tread/casing life due to cooler running tires, reducing tire related down time and repair costs, and reducing equipment damage due to flats and blow-outs.

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